ANAK Cladding Print

‏The ANAK Cladding, a branch of the "ANAK Group" specializes in the management and execution of projects dealing with cladding of buildings and roofs with aluminum  casts, terracotta tiles (dry hanging), HPL, and  other metals (e.g copper, zinc and stainless steel).

‏ The ANAK Company insists on work of extremely high quality including the use of anodic treatment and painting in PVDF finish. The company has acquired a great amount of experience and extensive knowledge in the field – with more than 300,000 square meters of completed cladding, with the projects including planning, production and assembly.

‏Scanning the Internet, one can see an impressive gallery of hundreds of different projects including office buildings, exclusive towers, Hi-Tec centers, trade and industry centers, bridges, residential buildings, renovated old buildings, Cultural centers, gas stations, hospitals and more.  The projects included planning, supply, production, assembly and expert supervision and control systems.

‏The ANAK cladding aluminum covers can be seen today on hundreds of sites throughout the country and have become an integral part of the modern Israeli scene, in many important locations, where outward appearance and modern design are a priority. Customers have chosen aluminum and terracotta covers supplied by the ANAK Company. Both the aluminum and the terracotta covers are implemented using the advanced method known as "dry hanging".

The Planning Department

‏The ANAK Company considers advanced planning to be of extreme importance and therefore relies on a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable team in the cladding department. The planning stage includes measurements at the location using advanced laser equipment, preparation of execution details, and submission of plans (Shop drawings) for the architect's approval, all computerized and in great detail. To all this is added the professional opinion of the planning team, the advisors and the production managers of the Anak Company in order to bring about the ultimate completion of the project.