The ANAK Industry company Print

The "ANAK Industry", of the "ANAK Group", has a reputation of 39 years standing, supplying advanced production services to a large range of customers: aluminum contractors, building contractors, buildings and roofs contractors, factories, metal workshops, tinsmiths, signpost manufacturers, entrepreneurs and contractors in other fields.

The industrial plant stands on a 4,000 m2 plot and is located in a central, accessible area in the Dan region and employs about 40 professional workers specializing in different areas of occupation. The plant includes advanced technology instruments and equipment, an ERP computer system, computerized CNC punchers (enabling maximum accuracy in perforating aluminum and other tin, modern CNC cutting and bending machines and advanced notching machines to groove complex tins like reinbond, alocobond and the like.

The firm offers a wide range of services:
Services of all tin types according to customers requirements.
Tin cutting, bending, punching and , including aluminum tins, stainless steel tins, complex tins, black tins,  Decopirt,  galvanized tins, corrugated tins (tears) and undulated tins – produced by computerized CNC.
Rolling of tin and of square profiles.
Complex tin fluting ( for e.g. Reinobond, Alocobond etc.)
Tin stitching as in the FALZONAL system (the upright stitch)
Production services for coverings for buildings, roofs, ceilings, awnings and columns in aluminum tin and of various types of tin.
Import, marketing and selling of aluminum tin 1-2 mm. in a wide range of shades with a high-quality finish (PVDF).
Constant supply of aluminum tin 1-2 mm. in colors RAL 9006/9007 /white/red.
Sale of 4 mm. complex tins, stainless steel, galvanized colored tin, black tin, Decipirt tin, serrated tin, corrugated sheets and more.