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ANAK Group Terracotta covers

The use of terracotta tiles for the external covering on building byway of "dry hanging" is well known in Europe and over recent years has become increasingly popular in Israel. Berlin is a classic example of a European city where terracotta tiles stand out as a dominant architectural line. The Anak company is the exclusive supplier of terracotta tiles and the advanced, unique hanging systems by EROPANEL ,Belgium, and CREATON, Germany, in Israel.
The tiles are produced in Germany to a particularly high standard of finish and quality. The Germany firm is considered a leader in its' field, offering assorted sizes, a wide range of colors and an impressive choice of textures and finishes. Terracotta claddings lend the building a warm, clean and tailored appearance, suggesting prestige and exclusivity. The combination of the warmth of the terracotta and the cold (glass) screen walls and of aluminum is a winning combination from the point of view of design with the pictures on the Web gallery saying it all.

More about terracotta

Terracotta (or terra cotta) is clay ceramics used among other things in making bricks, covering tiles and slates for roofs. The Italian term is Terra Cotta meaning baked earth. Terracotta's natural color is usually orange-brown, but advanced production techniques enable tiles to be produced in a wide range of colors and textures. Terracotta has been used by man since the dawn of history. In early times, clay statues were dried in the sun and later, in ovens.

Why terracotta coverings? What are the advantages of the dry hanging system? And why choose the Anak Group?


  • Terracotta cladding in dry hanging, leads to exciting and unusual architectural accomplishments.
  • The dry hanging system offered is the world's most advanced.
  •  The dry hanging system facilitates renewed building leveling and swallowing of its protrusions.
  • The dry hanging system enables the aeration of the building and contributes to its insulation from heat and cold.
  • The dry hanging system is concealed and gives a clean appearance with no visible screws.
  •  The terracotta tiles are German made by CREATION, the world's leading firm in the production of terracotta tiles by dry hanging, and who are a worldwide renowned brand name.
  • The high standard of the raw material finish ensures quality and durability.
  • The tiles comply with stringent international high standards.
  • The material is natural and therefore contributes to the quality of the environment.
  • The tiles are offered in hundreds of shades, fabrics and textures, enabling a huge creative space.
  • The tiles come in different sizes, up to 2.00 m in length.
  • There is a choice of anti graffiti tiles that prevent damaging from color spray.
  • The tiles can easily be locked against theft, while on the other hand, can be easily and quickly replaced if necessary.
  • The system is exclusively imported and distributed in Israel by the Anak group that specializes and has rich experience in the dry hanging cladding method.